Hi there, I’m Jess.


leadership coach, meditation junkie, + dog lover

I’ve been a coach since 2016, and in that time

  • I had 7-12k months.

  • I was hired by multiple six figure earning clients.

  • I had 4k members in my Facebook group.

  • I had people reaching out to me daily telling me how much I've impacted them.

  • I had tons of publicity.

But no matter how much I accomplished, I still didn’t feel good enough for any of my success. Most days I felt anxious and sad, and I had lost the love I once felt for my work.

I also felt misaligned with how I got those results, and luckily I only had to experience launch burn out once to realize that way of doing business wasn’t going to work for me long term.

So after two years of focusing on DOing, I decided to spend 2018 focusing on BEing. I worked on my mindset, learned how to manifest business results, committed to minimalism, started truly feeling my worth, and started unconditionally approving of myself. I also stopped comparing myself to other coaches and got clear on what my unique vision was for MY life and MY business.


It was like I hit a reset button and re-emerged as a completely confident, clear, and connected version of myself.

(And I quite like this version!)

Basing your success off of accomplishments, praise, or money will never truly make you feel worthy or fulfilled in the long run. That dopamine hit of making a high ticket sale or having a post go viral can carry you for a while, but when it wears off, you'll feel that empty spot in your heart again - that spot that's waiting to be filled by your own love and approval. You’ll also never allow yourself to feel truly successful because there will always be another thing to achieve.

Finding alignment in my business and value within myself is what led me to finally owning my inevitable role as a leadership coach and rebranding my business in late 2018.

I now feel more joy and fulfillment from my work than I ever have!


If you see yourself in my story and desire support in gaining the confidence, self worth, and self trust needed to step into leadership…


My coaching style is influenced by 3 things:

  1. Neuro-linguistic Programming

    NLP will help you become aware of the thoughts that don’t serve you and stories you have about yourself that are holding you back. You’ll get clear on what it is you truly want to think, feel, and experience and reprogram your subconscious mind and habits accordingly.

  2. The Law of Attraction

    Your vibration determines what you see in your life, and your vibration is determined by your beliefs and feelings. When you decide to own your power over your mind, you’re able to shift your vibration and deliberately attract whatever it is that you desire.

  3. Minimalism

    I believe that on your journey to becoming, you must first go through an un-becoming. In order to gain clarity on who you really are and what you really want, you must remove what’s in the way.

    As my client this may involve cleaning + organizing your physical spaces, reducing social media time + unfollowing accounts, eliminating superfluous business tasks, rewriting stories about who you should be, and being more intentional about who you spend time around. Then you will be able to see your true self clearly and recreate an authentically aligned business vision.


Cool things I’ve done:

  • BFA Photocommunications, 2006

  • RYT200, 2014

  • Certified life coach, 2015

Cool places I’ve been featured:

  • Badassery magazine + podcast

  • InfluencHer magazine

  • Guest blogger for Constance Hall

  • Get Back To Business podcast

  • Unleash Your Voice podcast