3 Ways To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

There’s something really important I want you to know.

Becoming the “next level” version of yourself has nothing to do with changing yourself. Yes, you will be changing your mindset, habits, actions, etc. But you don’t need to change who you are as a person. Please don’t change who you are! You are the way you are ON PURPOSE. Your authenticity is your super power. Upleveling doesn’t require who you are as a person to be different, and it doesn’t have to look a certain way either. You can still wear flip flops if you love flip flops. You can still drive a Honda if you love Hondas. You can actually be less busy in your business instead of being an energizer bunny every day. Your next level is about what YOU want, not what someone else wants or what you see others doing.

When you’re ready for an uplevel, it can be easy to get into fix-it mode. You look at everything you think is wrong with you or might hold you back, and rather than working on your personal growth because you love yourself, it becomes a form of self rejection.

But what if the things you think of as your weaknesses aren’t really weaknesses? What if those qualities could be your strengths? What if what you think is wrong with you isn’t actually a problem?

Here are 3 ways that you can turn your weaknesses into strengths:

  1. Shift your perspective.

    One limiting belief I used to have was that I had to be a structured and type A person to be successful. That I had to teach myself to love constantly launching programs, following a rigid structure, and if I deviated from that then I effed it all up. But the thing is, I don’t thrive with rigidity. Actually when my business structure becomes too rigid, I end up feeling trapped and bail! lol For a long time I thought that was something wrong with me, and I worked at changing who I was to fit into this mold of a successful coach I had in my mind. But the fact that I thrive when I feel the freedom to go with the flow and listen to my intuition is one my strengths as an entrepreneur. So I made my business start working for me, instead of the other way around. I put systems and strategies in place that laid a foundation for me to feel stable and secure, which helped me feel free to go with the flow and be creative on my own terms. I finally gave myself permission to just be me, and the more I embraced my unique process and way of working within my business, the better my business did and the bigger impact I made! I realized that there was actually nothing at all wrong with me being the way I was and figured out a way to make those qualities work FOR me. It just took a shift in perspective.

    Where do you need to shift your perspective about yourself, your business, and success?

  2. Stop judging yourself.

    The things you’re afraid others will judge about you are the very things you’re judging about yourself. So where have you been telling yourself that you’re not doing things right? That you need fixing? That you have to change because you’ve been playing the comparison game? What qualities about yourself have you deemed wrong or not good enough? How can you show yourself more love and acceptance in those areas? Self acceptance will set you free.

    (Do you need support in this area? EFT can change your life. Click here to learn more!)

  3. Learn how to work with your style of creating and optimal functioning.

    Like I said earlier, once I pinpointed the things about myself I was trying to change and decided to embrace them, I brainstormed how my business could support my creator style. I ended up setting up systems that still allowed me to be in flow, yet gave me the security to allow myself to feel safe with that freedom. This made everything so much easier! #buhbyestruggle

    What changes in your business do you need to make to let your unique creator style work FOR you?

I love you. You’ve got this. You’re a total badass.



You don’t need to fix anything anything about yourself because you’re not broken.

You can manifest what you want as you are now.

You are deserving and worthy as you are now.

There is no right or wrong.

Repeat after me: I am worthy because I exist, and I choose to love, accept, and forgive myself.

Stepping Into Your Purpose

I broke down crying after a session with a client the other day. I had never experienced anything like this feeling before. I was in awe and gratitude of the work I was doing, but mostly I was humbled. I was humbled to know that the Universe had been preparing me (little old me!) to facilitate the types of healing and energetic & mindset shifts that were occurring in these EFT Energy sessions. I was humbled that this work was so natural for me that 75 minutes flew by like 10. I was humbled that strangers and acquaintances felt instantly safe with me, safe enough to open up about things they rarely tell anyone. And I was so excited at how easy it had been to market and book these sessions. My business had never been more in flow.

And this, friends, is how you know you’re in alignment with your gifts and path.

I had been seeking my soul-purpose work and trying to figure out what my spiritual gifts were for years, and it felt like such a struggle. I was struggling to find this insight and alignment because I was trying to force it. My ego desperately needed to feel important, to be in control, and to see the bigger picture. But that’s not how the Universe works.

The more you try to force clarity, the less clear you become. The more you try to speed up the process, the slower things go.

I couldn’t keep this up any longer. It was exhausting! So I decided enough was enough, surrendered, and made my self care a priority. I put a pause on my business, and to be honest it felt like jumping off a moving train. I had been trying for years to build something from straight up masculine energy, and that habit was all I knew. I mean, I knew it wasn’t truly serving me or anyone else, but surrender was scary as hell! I’m so glad I finally jumped off that train though, because it was the only way to get in flow and start receiving my next steps from the Universe. I let go of any self judgement and of worrying how others were judging me, and went all in with the Universe. And after feeling stuck for 3 years, things started moving again.

I never in a million years expected that I’d be an EFT practitioner and using my spiritual gifts in sessions with clients, but here we are and I couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled. Doors keep opening, next steps keep being revealed, and I’m excited to see what else the Universe has planned for me!

I’m excited, but I’m also freaking out a little… because this means no more hiding. No more playing small. No more getting distracted with side projects. No more pretending I’m a business coach when I’m meant to be a spiritual teacher. It’s time to let go of my fear, comfort zone, and safety from criticism, and go ALL IN. It’s time the world sees what I’m truly capable of.

Surrender is scary only if you don’t trust the Universe to be there to catch you. The way to build that trust? Have enough faith to take the leap into the unknown and see what happens. This is the only way to allow in the magic your soul has been craving.

Would you like support in surrendering and building trust in yourself and the Universe? Or in releasing any old stuck energy/limiting beliefs that are holding you back? CLICK HERE to book an EFT Energy & Coaching session with me!

Friggin’ love you,


4 Steps To Becoming A Confident Decision Maker

I used to be the worst decision maker- so bad that I just wouldn’t make them. If you’re anything like me, you consider yourself multi-passionate. There are so many things you’re interested in, and so many things you’re pretty good at doing, so how do you choose what to do? There are so many things you like, and so many things that could make you happy, so how do you know which dream to chase?!

This used to keep me in a perpetual state of overwhelm, and because I was so overwhelmed I just wouldn’t decide on anything and stay stuck right where I was. I did a lot of busy work and brainstorming and vision boarding, so I tricked myself into feeling like I was getting somewhere, but I wasn’t taking any real action to start my momentum forward. And even when I would take action on something, I’d lose my interest soon after and move on to something else, killing all momentum gained in the process.

Are you experiencing this? If you are then I want to say congratulations. You actually CAN make decisions because

Choosing to not make a decision is a decision.

I’m serious though! You really can make decisions, and it’s time to start seeing yourself differently. It’s time to start seeing yourself as someone who is capable, clear, and confident. We will always prove our beliefs right, so why not have more empowering beliefs about yourself?

Your mindset is just half the equation though. In order to get anywhere, you have to take action, so here are 4 things that will help you gain clarity on what your next step is and the confidence to commit to it.

  1. Tell yourself the truth.

    Everything is always working out for you. The Universe has your back. Everything happens for a reason.

    You’ve heard all this before, but let it sink in. As long as you are acting on any inspiration at all, you’re going to be progressing towards something that will make you happy because that’s just how the Universe rolls. It knows you better than you know yourself! So if you can get behind this truth, then you can believe that you couldn’t possibly make a wrong choice. You can’t f*ck it up. There are no mistakes. You’re always right where you’re supposed to be, learning the lessons you need to learn. Have awareness during times of indecision, and figure out what patterns you keep repeating in your life and/or business. When you have awareness of the patterns, you can change them!

  2. Trust your gut.

    Your head will lie to you, but your heart always tells the truth. When you get into a state of overthinking, it’s easy for fear to take over. Sitting for too long on ideas leaves room for doubt, worry, and speculation to creep in and mess with your flow. But those ideas that never seem to go away, the ones that lurk in the back of your mind… those are whispers from your intuition. And when you listen, the whispers will start to get louder and your steps become clearer.

  3. Do your research.

    Have you taken the time to sit down and seriously explore each of your passions? For instance, living the #vanlife might seem like the best thing ever, until you realize how hard it can be to find a bathroom when you need one or that you can only grab a shower twice a week at the gym. Or maybe you think you want to have an online coaching empire, but when you look at what that would realistically take, you really don’t enjoy launches and coming up with social media content every day stresses you out. It’s easy to romanticize things, so take a look at your dream board and research how dreamy your dreams really are to you. You may be surprised with what you find, and this can help you narrow down what direction to go in.

  4. Just start.

    Have faith in yourself and pull the trigger on one of your ideas. Choosing something is better than choosing nothing. I used to avoid pulling the trigger because I didn’t want to be stuck. I thought that if I chose something that it was final. “And what if I change my mind?!” Well the good news is, you CAN change your mind, and you probably WILL at some point! You were given all of your interests and strengths for a reason, but you won’t figure out how they all compliment each other unless you start with something. Take a step and let your path unfold.

    And P.S. We don’t just have one purpose in life. We have many purposes depending on where we’re at on our journey, so relax and enjoy the process!

I hope these 4 steps help you gain the clarity and confidence you’ve been seeking to make a decision and act on it. Which one of these steps has been the hardest for you? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’d like 1:1 help figuring out what you want, the next steps to take, and boosting your self confidence, CLICK HERE TO BOOK A COACHING CONSULTATION and let’s see how I can support you!

Friggin’ love you,


How to figure out what you want when you don’t know what you want

If you’re ridin’ the Law of Attraction train and have studied manifestation at all, you know that step one is figuring out what you want. You can’t deliberately manifest something if you don’t know what it is, right? Well, I had been stuck at step one for about 3 years.

The thing is, I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought I had goals and dreams and a vision for my life and business, but every time I took steps towards it, something wouldn’t feel right and I’d change my mind. Do you know this feeling?

If you’re feeling unclear on what you want to manifest, there could be a number of things going on. I’m going to touch on 2 really common causes.

1. Fear of commitment.

It’s very possible that you actually do know what you want. You just won’t let yourself accept it because you’re afraid to commit. You may be saying “But Jess, I can commit. I’ve committed to lots of stuff!” Of course you have - when you weren’t afraid of the outcome.

But think about the thing you haven’t been able to commit to. Got it in your mind? Now what do you think would happen if you went all in? What would the consequences be, both negative and positive? Would you finally be “successful”?  What responsibilities come with that? Will you be happy? Will you have time freedom? And what are you making these assumptions mean about you as a person? That you’re uncaring and leave people behind? That you’re bad with money and will lose it all?

When you can pinpoint what it is that’s freaking you out about the outcome, you’ll figure out why you’ve been so noncommittal. And when you dismantle that fear and start telling yourself the truth, you’ll then be able to commit.

2. You’re out of alignment.

When you’re trying to figure out what you desire and literally have no idea, you may be looking in the wrong direction. This is actually what I’ve experienced. When I started my entrepreneur journey as a yoga teacher in 2014, I very quickly (like two weeks in) realized that I wanted to be a coach. At the time I was in total flow, just allowing doors to open and excitedly stepping through them, so I wasn’t attached to being a yoga teacher. I accepted it as a stepping stone on my path and kept moving forward. But once I became a coach, for some reason I told myself “This is it - my destination!” and I had a ninja death grip on my coaching business. So instead of remaining in the flow and allowing the Universe to surprise and delight me, I told it that this is how it had to be and this is how it had to look, so of course I was confused, unhappy, and unclear on where to head. It took 3 years to finally release my grip, throw my hands in the air, and say “Universe, I give up on forcing this. I need you. Send help.” and within 24 hours my aligned (and exciting AF) vision became clear.

It’s a lot more fun to co-create with the Universe than it is to try and force results by yourself. Have the courage to let go of what you think you want and the faith that the Universe will indeed delight you, and it will. If you’ve been pushing for something for a long time and it doesn’t feel fun at all, it’s time to ask yourself it that’s actually what you truly want.

The answer may be scary. I was terrified of letting go of the plan I had for myself because the only other option was the unknown. But the unknown doesn’t have to be scary. It’s full of possibility, miracles, and magic!

What are you ready to let go of? Leave a comment, and let me know! It may be the key to unlocking the next door!



Lightworker Q&A: If I turn down money, will I block my flow of abundance?

I was recently asked a really great question about abundance in my Facebook group, and it gave me the idea to start a Lightworker Q&A series on this blog. So here we go!

“M” has had people offering her less than what she feels her product and time are worth, and she asks: When it comes to manifesting money, is it ok to turn down money or is that blocking the flow of abundance?

There is so much juicy goodness to this question! Let’s start with boundaries. First things first, you set the price! You teach people how to treat you, so if you don’t have firm prices set and have flexible boundaries, you’ll attract people who want to push them. Rather than wondering if people will value your products and services, you need to decide how YOU value your products and services and what rate would feel like a proper energetic exchange for you.

Feeling your own value is what makes you a vibrational match to attracting people who value you.

When you create these standards of receiving, you let the Universe know what you expect and will manifest accordingly. Because remember: You ARE the Universe. Turning something down that doesn’t feel right to you is called self respect.

Does this make you ungrateful? No way! Feeling like you need to take anything that comes your way is a lack, or fear based, mentality. When you feel like this, your energy is telling the Universe that you need to just take what you can get because more might not come, and that’s not the truth at all! I used to struggle with this one a lot. I worried that if I said no to being paid, no matter how undesirable the situation, that the Universe would think I was ungrateful and punish me by not giving me more. Here’s the spiritual reality:

The Universe isn’t masterminding behind the scenes about how to eff you over. The Universe speaks in energy and is just reflecting yours back to you.

So if you feel like you’re being punished, you’re punishing yourself. And if you feel like you’re being blessed, you’re blessing yourself. Ultimately if you believe you’re blocking your flow of abundance, then you will be. And if you believe that people won’t pay your rate, they won’t. On the other hand, if you believe money is always flowing your way, then it will. Your world is shaped by your beliefs. (How empowering is that?!)

I absolutely LOVE answering spiritual business questions, so if you’ve got one then head over to my contact page and ask away! I also want to give you a tool to help you discover your answers for yourself because I’m all about helping you find your power within. Your teachers are great guides, but you are the only one who knows what’s right for you.

The tool is pretty simple! When you have a spiritual question or doubt creep up, take 3 deep breaths and check in with how it makes you feel. If it feels like love/ease/joy/wellbeing/light/expansion, then it's aligned. If you feel afraid or would be disappointed by the answer, then it's not aligned. This is a general tool, but this always remains the same: You know your truth by how it feels. Trust that feeling.

3 Feel-Good Strategies To Stand Out Online (without burning out or selling out)

Trying to be seen on social media can feel like a rat race. There are so many people online all vying for attention that trying to stand out can feel like a pointless pursuit. Not to mention the endless strategies available, ever-changing algorithms, and the hashtag rabbit hole you can spiral down. So what’s a heart-centered entrepreneur to do?

Get to the heart!

I’m going to let you in on 3 feel-good and simple strategies you can use to start getting noticed AND build your authority on social media, without burning out or selling out.

Before we dive in though, why should you listen to me? How do I know what I’m about to tell you works? Because these 3 simple strategies are how I was able to grow my Facebook group to 2,000 members, get invited to write for a blog with a million subscribers, and get invited onto many other blogs and podcasts in just my first 6 months of business.

So now that you know these strategies are legit, are you ready to find out what they are? Let’s get to it!

Be authentic.

Instead of worrying if people know, like, and trust you, focus on knowing, liking, and trusting yourself first. The results you see in your business will always be a reflection of how you feel about yourself on the inside. Become comfortable in you vulnerability and unafraid to be different. Develop your own unique voice, so you stand out amongst the noise online. Your authenticity is your biggest strength and how you will attract the right people.

Showing up as your true self is what gets you noticed and stops people’s scroll. Your energy is magnetic AF… if you let it be.

Be unapologetic.

If you’re online to make an impact and help people change their lives, then you must remember this: You’re not here to be liked. You’re here to serve powerfully. Being unapologetic about this doesn’t mean you should be a jerk. But it does mean that you shouldn’t sugar coat your message, tone yourself down, or censor yourself. Become grounded in your message, bold about who you are, and refuse to dim your light for anyone.

Having conviction in your message and confidence in yourself is what makes people listen to you and see you as an authority.

Be consistent.

Ever had someone tell you that you need to post on Facebook 3-5 times per day? Or that you have to show up live daily? The thing about consistency is that there are actually no rules.

What’s ‘consistent’ for you depends entirely upon your business goals and platforms.

So when you’re trying to figure out how often you should show up and where, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Which platforms do I have the most fun using?

    Maybe that’s blogging or Instagram stories or hosting your own Facebook group. Follow your joy because your joy is your GPS. The fastest way to manifest the business results you want is through the path of least resistance AKA when you’re having fun and feeling light!

  2. What are my goals?

    It’s important to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind when you’re creating your visibility strategy (and your strategy won’t look like anyone else’s, so it’s important to validate yourself). For example, my goals right now are to de-stress and focus on self care, while providing solid value through this blog. So I’ve committed to spending time crafting quality content and posting here every Monday. If you’re focused on growing your Facebook group, maybe your strategy is to go live every M/W/F. Or if you want to boost your engagement on Instagram, maybe your strategy is to show up in your stories daily.

*Extra visibility tip: Showing up more often is not necessarily the way to speed up your growth. I want you to focus on quality > quantity when it comes to content. Because posting just to post won’t get you anywhere.

Are you already implementing these strategies? If not, which one do you need to improve upon? Tell me in the comments!

Would you like to work on this with me privately? Fill out a coaching application, and let’s chat!

Why you should make failure your best friend

I don’t know about you, but since day 1 of my business I had been pressuring myself to get things “right” and have it all figured out. This is laughable to me now, but for a long time I was afraid to fail.

It’s weird being a first time business owner and doing it on social media because people are watching you figure things out. Every one of my flopped launches, failed ideas, direction changes, and mindset shifts has been on display for all to see, and this made me really uncomfortable because of that whole perfectionist thing. I wanted to look like an “expert”, so I thought I had to come across as perfect to be taken seriously, and I would beat myself up for being in the learning process.

The truth is, the journey to success isn’t like taking an escalator straight to the top.

Anyone who is “successful” will tell you that they had to fail A LOT to get to where they are now. I kinda of hate the phrase “fail forward” because it’s cheeseball, but really- in order to be successful, you must be willing to fail because…

If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.

If you’re not failing, you’re not learning.

If you’re not failing, you’re not figuring things out.

If you’re not failing, then you’re not doing the damn thing, so you won’t be getting anywhere.

Failure is PART of success. You can’t create the life and business of your dreams without it, so you might as well get comfortable with it sooner rather than later. Everything you’ve been through, every perceived mistake you’ve made, every thing you think you’ve gotten wrong, all happened to help you become the person you need to be to create what you want to create.

When you look at failure in this light, you’ll realize that your fear isn’t actually about failure at all. It’s about what you’re making failure mean about you. In my case I made failure mean that I wasn’t capable of achieving my dreams. Maybe you’re making it mean that you don’t deserve what you want or that people will judge you once you’re successful.

Whatever the fear is, having awareness of it is power. Pulling that mother effer of a fear out at the root is going to allow you to start letting yourself fail, and the quicker you can start failing, the quicker you’ll be on the road to success.

Love you to the max, Jess.

And P.S. remember this:

The only people criticizing you are the ones doing less than you are.