3 Feel-Good Strategies To Stand Out Online (without burning out or selling out)

3 Feel-Good Strategies To Stand Out Online (without burning out or selling out)

Trying to be seen on social media can feel like a rat race. There are so many people online all vying for attention that trying to stand out can feel like a pointless pursuit. Not to mention the endless strategies available, ever-changing algorithms, and the hashtag rabbit hole you can spiral down. So what’s a heart-centered entrepreneur to do?

Get to the heart!

I’m going to let you in on 3 feel-good and simple strategies you can use to start getting noticed AND build your authority on social media, without burning out or selling out.

Before we dive in though, why should you listen to me? How do I know what I’m about to tell you works? Because these 3 simple strategies are how I was able to grow my Facebook group to 2,000 members, get invited to write for a blog with a million subscribers, and get invited onto many other blogs and podcasts in just my first 6 months of business.

So now that you know these strategies are legit, are you ready to find out what they are? Let’s get to it!

Be authentic.

Instead of worrying if people know, like, and trust you, focus on knowing, liking, and trusting yourself first. The results you see in your business will always be a reflection of how you feel about yourself on the inside. Become comfortable in you vulnerability and unafraid to be different. Develop your own unique voice, so you stand out amongst the noise online. Your authenticity is your biggest strength and how you will attract the right people.

Showing up as your true self is what gets you noticed and stops people’s scroll. Your energy is magnetic AF… if you let it be.

Be unapologetic.

If you’re online to make an impact and help people change their lives, then you must remember this: You’re not here to be liked. You’re here to serve powerfully. Being unapologetic about this doesn’t mean you should be a jerk. But it does mean that you shouldn’t sugar coat your message, tone yourself down, or censor yourself. Become grounded in your message, bold about who you are, and refuse to dim your light for anyone.

Having conviction in your message and confidence in yourself is what makes people listen to you and see you as an authority.

Be consistent.

Ever had someone tell you that you need to post on Facebook 3-5 times per day? Or that you have to show up live daily? The thing about consistency is that there are actually no rules.

What’s ‘consistent’ for you depends entirely upon your business goals and platforms.

So when you’re trying to figure out how often you should show up and where, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Which platforms do I have the most fun using?

    Maybe that’s blogging or Instagram stories or hosting your own Facebook group. Follow your joy because your joy is your GPS. The fastest way to manifest the business results you want is through the path of least resistance AKA when you’re having fun and feeling light!

  2. What are my goals?

    It’s important to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind when you’re creating your visibility strategy (and your strategy won’t look like anyone else’s, so it’s important to validate yourself). For example, my goals right now are to de-stress and focus on self care, while providing solid value through this blog. So I’ve committed to spending time crafting quality content and posting here every Monday. If you’re focused on growing your Facebook group, maybe your strategy is to go live every M/W/F. Or if you want to boost your engagement on Instagram, maybe your strategy is to show up in your stories daily.

*Extra visibility tip: Showing up more often is not necessarily the way to speed up your growth. I want you to focus on quality > quantity when it comes to content. Because posting just to post won’t get you anywhere.

Are you already implementing these strategies? If not, which one do you need to improve upon? Tell me in the comments!

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