4 Steps To Becoming A Confident Decision Maker

4 Steps To Becoming A Confident Decision Maker

I used to be the worst decision maker- so bad that I just wouldn’t make them. If you’re anything like me, you consider yourself multi-passionate. There are so many things you’re interested in, and so many things you’re pretty good at doing, so how do you choose what to do? There are so many things you like, and so many things that could make you happy, so how do you know which dream to chase?!

This used to keep me in a perpetual state of overwhelm, and because I was so overwhelmed I just wouldn’t decide on anything and stay stuck right where I was. I did a lot of busy work and brainstorming and vision boarding, so I tricked myself into feeling like I was getting somewhere, but I wasn’t taking any real action to start my momentum forward. And even when I would take action on something, I’d lose my interest soon after and move on to something else, killing all momentum gained in the process.

Are you experiencing this? If you are then I want to say congratulations. You actually CAN make decisions because

Choosing to not make a decision is a decision.

I’m serious though! You really can make decisions, and it’s time to start seeing yourself differently. It’s time to start seeing yourself as someone who is capable, clear, and confident. We will always prove our beliefs right, so why not have more empowering beliefs about yourself?

Your mindset is just half the equation though. In order to get anywhere, you have to take action, so here are 4 things that will help you gain clarity on what your next step is and the confidence to commit to it.

  1. Tell yourself the truth.

    Everything is always working out for you. The Universe has your back. Everything happens for a reason.

    You’ve heard all this before, but let it sink in. As long as you are acting on any inspiration at all, you’re going to be progressing towards something that will make you happy because that’s just how the Universe rolls. It knows you better than you know yourself! So if you can get behind this truth, then you can believe that you couldn’t possibly make a wrong choice. You can’t f*ck it up. There are no mistakes. You’re always right where you’re supposed to be, learning the lessons you need to learn. Have awareness during times of indecision, and figure out what patterns you keep repeating in your life and/or business. When you have awareness of the patterns, you can change them!

  2. Trust your gut.

    Your head will lie to you, but your heart always tells the truth. When you get into a state of overthinking, it’s easy for fear to take over. Sitting for too long on ideas leaves room for doubt, worry, and speculation to creep in and mess with your flow. But those ideas that never seem to go away, the ones that lurk in the back of your mind… those are whispers from your intuition. And when you listen, the whispers will start to get louder and your steps become clearer.

  3. Do your research.

    Have you taken the time to sit down and seriously explore each of your passions? For instance, living the #vanlife might seem like the best thing ever, until you realize how hard it can be to find a bathroom when you need one or that you can only grab a shower twice a week at the gym. Or maybe you think you want to have an online coaching empire, but when you look at what that would realistically take, you really don’t enjoy launches and coming up with social media content every day stresses you out. It’s easy to romanticize things, so take a look at your dream board and research how dreamy your dreams really are to you. You may be surprised with what you find, and this can help you narrow down what direction to go in.

  4. Just start.

    Have faith in yourself and pull the trigger on one of your ideas. Choosing something is better than choosing nothing. I used to avoid pulling the trigger because I didn’t want to be stuck. I thought that if I chose something that it was final. “And what if I change my mind?!” Well the good news is, you CAN change your mind, and you probably WILL at some point! You were given all of your interests and strengths for a reason, but you won’t figure out how they all compliment each other unless you start with something. Take a step and let your path unfold.

    And P.S. We don’t just have one purpose in life. We have many purposes depending on where we’re at on our journey, so relax and enjoy the process!

I hope these 4 steps help you gain the clarity and confidence you’ve been seeking to make a decision and act on it. Which one of these steps has been the hardest for you? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’d like 1:1 help figuring out what you want, the next steps to take, and boosting your self confidence, CLICK HERE TO BOOK A COACHING CONSULTATION and let’s see how I can support you!

Friggin’ love you,


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