3 Ways To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

There’s something really important I want you to know.

Becoming the “next level” version of yourself has nothing to do with changing yourself. Yes, you will be changing your mindset, habits, actions, etc. But you don’t need to change who you are as a person. Please don’t change who you are! You are the way you are ON PURPOSE. Your authenticity is your super power. Upleveling doesn’t require who you are as a person to be different, and it doesn’t have to look a certain way either. You can still wear flip flops if you love flip flops. You can still drive a Honda if you love Hondas. You can actually be less busy in your business instead of being an energizer bunny every day. Your next level is about what YOU want, not what someone else wants or what you see others doing.

When you’re ready for an uplevel, it can be easy to get into fix-it mode. You look at everything you think is wrong with you or might hold you back, and rather than working on your personal growth because you love yourself, it becomes a form of self rejection.

But what if the things you think of as your weaknesses aren’t really weaknesses? What if those qualities could be your strengths? What if what you think is wrong with you isn’t actually a problem?

Here are 3 ways that you can turn your weaknesses into strengths:

  1. Shift your perspective.

    One limiting belief I used to have was that I had to be a structured and type A person to be successful. That I had to teach myself to love constantly launching programs, following a rigid structure, and if I deviated from that then I effed it all up. But the thing is, I don’t thrive with rigidity. Actually when my business structure becomes too rigid, I end up feeling trapped and bail! lol For a long time I thought that was something wrong with me, and I worked at changing who I was to fit into this mold of a successful coach I had in my mind. But the fact that I thrive when I feel the freedom to go with the flow and listen to my intuition is one my strengths as an entrepreneur. So I made my business start working for me, instead of the other way around. I put systems and strategies in place that laid a foundation for me to feel stable and secure, which helped me feel free to go with the flow and be creative on my own terms. I finally gave myself permission to just be me, and the more I embraced my unique process and way of working within my business, the better my business did and the bigger impact I made! I realized that there was actually nothing at all wrong with me being the way I was and figured out a way to make those qualities work FOR me. It just took a shift in perspective.

    Where do you need to shift your perspective about yourself, your business, and success?

  2. Stop judging yourself.

    The things you’re afraid others will judge about you are the very things you’re judging about yourself. So where have you been telling yourself that you’re not doing things right? That you need fixing? That you have to change because you’ve been playing the comparison game? What qualities about yourself have you deemed wrong or not good enough? How can you show yourself more love and acceptance in those areas? Self acceptance will set you free.

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  3. Learn how to work with your style of creating and optimal functioning.

    Like I said earlier, once I pinpointed the things about myself I was trying to change and decided to embrace them, I brainstormed how my business could support my creator style. I ended up setting up systems that still allowed me to be in flow, yet gave me the security to allow myself to feel safe with that freedom. This made everything so much easier! #buhbyestruggle

    What changes in your business do you need to make to let your unique creator style work FOR you?

I love you. You’ve got this. You’re a total badass.



You don’t need to fix anything anything about yourself because you’re not broken.

You can manifest what you want as you are now.

You are deserving and worthy as you are now.

There is no right or wrong.

Repeat after me: I am worthy because I exist, and I choose to love, accept, and forgive myself.