Are you tired of doing mindset work around the same old limiting beliefs that just don’t seem to budge?

Have you tried just about every business strategy but can’t seem to gain much momentum?

Are you ready to feel unshakably confident in yourself and your gifts?

What if I told you there was a way to simultaneously clear your energy and shift your mindset, and that it could also be fun and easy?

And that by using this technique, you could start moving forward in your business?

And that you would instantly feel better and release your resistance?

It’s time you got on the tapping train!

EFT can help with so many things (even physical pain!) but have you considered using it to get ahead in business?

Hi I’m Jess, intuitive coach and EFT practitioner, and tapping completely transformed my business!

Like many online entrepreneurs, I had tried just about every strategy out there without gaining much momentum, and that left me frustrated. I knew that my mindset and energy made all the difference in the business results I was getting though, so when I became an EFT practitioner I became my first client. I tapped on every fear, limiting belief, self sabotaging behavior, and doubt I had and got immediate results. I’m talking 22 clients signed in 3 weeks, and this was after 4 months with no new clients. (I know, right?!) Not only was I getting these amazing results in my business, but I was upleveling internally at lightning speed. My confidence, drive, focus, self belief, and self worth were through the roof!


I started tapping on these topics with clients, and you guessed it - they were getting amazing results too! In just single sessions my clients were moving through money blocks, worthiness issues, imposter syndrome, shame, anxiety, grief, forgiveness, increasing their self belief, ending their client dry spell, and more!

I then started leading tapping sessions on livestreams in my free Facebook group, and people were still getting amazing results!

That’s why I decided to open up The Inner Circle VIP tapping group!

Who is The Inner Circle for?

  • You’ve seen the incredible shifts that tapping can bring and want more of it! OR you’re curious and want to dive in!

  • You’d love to be in a supportive, safe environment where you can bloom - personally, professionally, and spiritually.

  • You’d love to receive coaching and guidance around gaining more self confidence, self worth, and growing an online business from someone who has overcome the exact things you’re going through (and that guidance is literally at your fingertips!)

  • You’d love to have live, guided tapping sessions each week to release what no longer serves you and start vibing high!

How does The Inner Circle work?

  • The Inner Circle is held in a private Facebook group (with a member library in the works!)

  • Each week I go live in the group for a group tapping session and spiritual business coaching (on topics requested by you!) These sessions last anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes.

  • You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered during these live sessions. You can also post in the group and receive individualized coaching and guidance from me within the group setting!

  • There will be fun extras each week too! (Like oracle card readings and challenges - whatever I’m lit up about that week!)

What will we tap on?

Expect major breakthroughs in the following areas…

  • increasing self belief

  • money mindset

  • signing clients + increasing sales

  • overcoming imposter syndrome

  • eliminating upper limits and self sabotage

  • overcoming the fear of success

  • trusting yourself and committing to your goals

  • finding your authentic voice and the confidence to use it

  • showing up unapologetically online and in life

  • finding alignment with your purpose and gifts

  • removing resistance and finding flow

  • finally feeling good enough and worthy of your desires

  • embodying “next level” you

  • and anything else you need to clear, work through, or get results in!

(Once you enroll, you will be redirected to the group or you can just click here. Request to join, and you’ll be added to the community within 24 hours!)

What people have to say about tapping with me live…

(Once you enroll, you will be redirected to the group or you can just click here. Request to join, and you’ll be added to the community within 24 hours!)


What if I can’t make the live sessions? No worries, you can catch the replays! Tapping with me live is pretty bomb though. The group energy will help lift you up, and you’ll have the opportunity to tell me specifically what you need to work through, so we can create the tapping script accordingly! *The days and times of livestreams will vary each week, so hopefully you’ll be able to make it live!

What if I don’t use Facebook? Sorry, but you must have a Facebook account to join. If you really don’t want a Facebook account, you can always book a 1:1 session with me or catch my tapping videos on YouTube!

How does billing work? You will be charged $40 each month on the day you initially enroll. (For instance if you enroll on the 1st, then you will be charged each month on the 1st.)

How do I cancel my membership? Although I’d be sad to see you go, I understand that you may want to cancel at some point (no hard feelings, no questions asked!) Simply click below to cancel your membership. P.S. You can always rejoin at any time!