The Slayers Club


Are you frustrated by your lack of business and manifesting progress?



Who this club is for:

  • you’re frustrated with your lack of progress and feel like it’s time to either have a breakthrough or quit.

  • everything feels like you’re forcing it, and you’re starting to feel like people who say “let it be easy” are full of shit.

  • manifesting doesn’t consistently work for you, so you wonder if you’re broken somehow.

  • you’re losing sight of who you are and what you want and need some major clarity.

  • you want to learn how to be more authentic and aligned in your business instead of blending into everyone else online.

  • you would LOVE to have my business guidance and spiritual wisdom drops all up in your world.

What you get:

  • a private Facebook community for Slayers Club members only.

  • 1:1 attention, unlimited Q&A, and periodic livestream surprises from yours truly within the group.

  • a member library with exclusive archived trainings and new video trainings every week, with journaling prompts + action steps to help you implement what you learn.

  • no fluff #realtalk. always.

  • and a lot of love and humor. because if you can’t laugh at yourself, then wut u even doing?

Topics covered:

  • unique to you biz strategy

  • what others aren’t teaching about manifesting

  • how to be yourself on the internet

  • organic audience growth

  • spiritual principles + metaphysics made easy

  • adding value to your work + improving your coaching skills

  • boosting self confidence, self love, self worth, + self validation

  • and more!


(P.S. if you decide you want to jump ship, you can cancel your subscription at any time)


I can’t wait to help you find inner peace, clarity, and YOURSELF. See you in the Slayers Club!