The Slayers Club monthly membership


Forget everything you think you know about monthly membership groups.The Slayers Club is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

This is a place for light workers at any level of business who are wanting to explore their own authenticity, express themselves vulnerably,

and bridge the gap between who they are IRL and who they are on social media.


The Slayers Club is a place for you to

✔️ remove your masks

✔️ rewrite your stories

✔️ uncover your unique voice

✔️ drop what hasn’t been working

✔️ discover your unique business vision

✔️ be guided to your Zone of Genius

✔️ practice being vulnerable and speaking your truth in a safe space

✔️ learn to be unapologetically authentic + stop people pleasing

✔️ move through your fear + upper limits

✔️ learn how to give less f*cks about what people think

✔️ explore your inspiration and experiment with new ideas + content

✔️ become the person you were always meant to be

You’ll also get trainings on

✔️ creating an authentically aligned business structure, strategy, and offers

✔️ organic audience growth

✔️ increasing engagement

✔️ how to make a greater impact with your work

✔️ increasing visibility

and more!

Each week I share a vlog in the members only library about one of my recent breakthroughs or what’s going on behind the scenes in my business, along with guidance and coaching questions you can ask yourself to navigate your own breakthroughs in these areas.

Why am I choosing to share so much with you? Because this is when I’m at my most potent, influential, and happy AKA in my Zone of Genius! I teach and influence through showing you who I am, and when you get around my energy you’ll feel like you have permission to just be yourself, too! I’ve always been an over-sharer because I believe that if even one person benefits from me sharing something personal, it was worth it.

Your Zone of Genius is about being, not doing. When you can fully be yourself and drop the “shoulds” and fear, you’ll be able to clearly see your next steps, and I would love to support you on your journey.

I have the ability to see the real you underneath your stories, limiting beliefs, and masks. I feel when you are vibrating in alignment with your higher self and intuitively know what questions to ask you to help you find your path, voice, and unique forms of self expression/service.


Are you ready to begin your journey?!


Who this club is for:

  • Coaches, healers, influencers, bloggers… anyone who desires to make a positive impact on the world by being who they are truly meant to be and using their gifts.

  • You feel like you’re getting lost in the crowd online and are ready to uncover your own unique voice, so you can effortlessly magnetize your people and stand out as a one-of-a-kind leader.

  • You’re tired of playing by the rules, feel boxed in by your current business structure, and are ready to create something no one has seen before.

  • You want access to a coach you can relate to, who gets you, and who can guide you back home to yourself.

  • You desire to be in a group with other light workers, working towards similar goals, that you can connect with and get support from.

What you get:

  • A private Facebook community for Slayers Club members only.

  • A high level of 1:1 attention and unlimited Q&A within the group. (This is the next best thing to working with me 1:1)

  • A member library full of exclusive archived material and new vlogs or video trainings each week.

  • No fluff #realtalk. Always.

  • A whole lot of love and acceptance.


(P.S. you can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked!)


See you in the Slayers Club!