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Hi there, I’m so glad we’ve connected! I don’t believe in coincidence, so I know you found this page for a reason. Curious about working with me?

I offer 1:1 coaching + mentorship on the following topics…

  • Deepening your self trust and connection with your inner guidance system/Source energy.

  • Overcoming the fear of what others think so you can speak your truth boldly and unapologetically on your platforms.

  • Bridging the gap between who you are IRL and who you’re showing up as on social media, so you can make an impact by simply being yourself.

  • Finding power in vulnerability through self acceptance and releasing self judgements.

  • Rewriting your limiting stories about who you are, so you can become the one-of-a-kind leader you’re meant to be.

  • Intuitively re-aligning your business structure, strategy, and offers with your joy and zone of genius.

I have packages starting at $1,111 for one month of support. fill out the application below to begin your journey! I’ll be in contact within 24 hrs of receiving your application to book a consultation to talk about how i can best support you. Can’t wait to meet you!

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Happy clients!


“I absolutely loved working with Jess!

She always started off our sessions with ‘How can I serve you today?’ which always made me feel special and allowed me the time and space to figure out what I really needed! She always had this way of asking the right questions so I could understand and trust myself better, which really built the strength I needed to trust my intuition. I have a clearer path and have emotionally connected more with my goals, and I have Jess to thank for that! She has a true gift for this.

-Carolyn Barnes, Holistic Life Coach


"When I started working with Jess, my energy was scattered.

I desperately wanted to revive my confidence in my work and take action on being a leader… but I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own.

Enter Jess. Jess has a grounded, fierce, and encouraging presence that feels like a healing bubble of universal support. She quickly identified areas where I was getting in my own way, and from her guidance I learned to value myself and to take my business much more seriously. I’m now centered in the value of what I bring to the world – an outcome that is priceless to me.

My time coaching with Jess was a deep reminder of all that I am. If you’re craving a life that feels more like YOU, where you shine and laugh and feel rooted in who you were always supposed to be – hire Jess as soon as possible."

-Kelsey Horton, Author + Creativity Coach


“Signing up with Jess was one of the best things I have ever done.

The month I signed up was one of the biggest months of my life. I was finishing the details of publishing my first book. I knew that I was going to need some serious support if I was going to push through the resistance, and Jess was exactly what I needed. Not only did she support me when I was struggling, but she walked me through some of the biggest breakthroughs of my life. It was extraordinary. Plus, it feels amazing to know that all I have to do is send over a message, and I’m able to receive the support I am needing. I loved it so much, I signed up for 2 more months!“

-Keira Poulsen, Author + Life Coach