Work With Me 1:1


You’re not like everyone else, so why are you running your business like you are?

Following others is what’s keeping you from fully showing up as the badass leader you were meant to be. It’s also keeping you in comparison mode, making you constantly second guess yourself, and contributing to the lackluster feels you have about your biz right now.

I’d say it’s time for a change, wouldn’t you?


Who my coaching is for:

  • You’re a non-conformist who ironically finds herself conforming to the “rules” of business + marketing, and you feel like you’re losing touch with who you are.

  • You’ve been doing everything you “should” in business, but none of it really feels like you. It feels like pushing a boulder uphill instead of flow.

  • You’ve hopped from coach to coach to give you your answers, and you know it’s time to work with someone who will help you hear and trust your own answers.

  • You want to gain the high level of confidence, clarity, and self approval that being a leader will require of you.

  • You know that being ready is a choice not a feeling, and you’re READY to play at a much, much bigger level.

  • You want to be doing your soul work, not just something that will make you money.

  • You’ve ever said to yourself “I want to be my own kind of leader and create something no one has ever seen before!”


You don’t fit inside the box because you were never meant to.


"When I started working with Jess, my energy was scattered. I desperately wanted to revive my confidence in my work and take action on being a leader… but I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own.

Enter Jess. Jess has a grounded, fierce, and encouraging presence that feels like a healing bubble of universal support. She quickly identified areas where I was getting in my own way, and from her guidance I learned to value myself and to take my business much more seriously.

I had no plans to quit my day job when I started coaching with Jess, but the more Jess mentored me on inner work, on simplifying, on streamlining my energy and remembering my own power… the less I was able to tolerate going into a toxic work environment every day.

Halfway through my time with Jess, I quit that job! Now I have a part-time job that fills me up, and I have the time to focus on my business. Most importantly, I’m centered in the value of what I bring to the world – an outcome that is priceless to me.

My time coaching with Jess was a deep reminder of all that I am. If you’re craving a life that feels more like YOU, where you shine and laugh and feel rooted in who you were always supposed to be – hire Jess as soon as possible."


What’s it like to work with Jess?

My coaching process is organic - there's no hard structure because everyone has different needs. I believe that you will learn exactly what you need to when you need to.

What does this look like in a session? My agenda is your agenda, meaning that we talk about what YOU want to talk about. I start each session by asking you what you want to get out of our time together, and we go from there. At the end of each session we co-create “homework” for you to implement throughout the week to keep your momentum up.

I use my spiritual spidey senses with my clients. I don’t claim to be an “intuitive coach” because we are ALL intuitive, just in different ways. My gift? I can feel when you're in or out of alignment with your higher self. This allows me to guide you on your path to becoming a one of a kind leader.

You will always have a safe, nonjudgemental space where you can grow, be vulnerable and be completely yourself.

F-bombs and laughter are encouraged!


“I really valued Jess’s help in showing myself to me. I needed someone who could help me with my mindset and energy, even though this is the exact work I also do with clients. I needed that support for myself, and I found that with Jess. I feel that our session has marked a turning point for me - where I’m completely letting go of any struggle in my business and only doing what feels right for me.”


Choose your own adventure…


The Appetizer


Want a taste of what it's like to work with me 1:1? Book a single 45 minute coaching session! If you'd like to continue working together after this session, the cost of the Appetizer will be deducted from your Entree or Full Course Meal.


“Jess is BRILLIANT in asking you the clutter shattering questions that break up all that gunk and allow your brilliance to shine through! She has clarity, integrity, knowledge, and compassion. A true value for those wanting to “level up” internally - and have that reflected in their experience.”


The Entree ($2,222)

Two months together, four 45 minute coaching sessions, and unlimited voice memo/text support via Facebook messenger or email correspondence (during business hours).


“I thought maybe I’d be where I am by October, but no - it’s barely even June and I have half of my overall goal met. Jess helped me get to this point by sifting through all the BS, putting a proverbial mirror up to my soul, and saying THIS. IS. YOU. NOW, GO BE THAT!”


The Full Course Meal ($4,444)

Four months together, eight 45 minute coaching sessions, unlimited voice memo/text support via Facebook messenger or email correspondence (during business hours), and access to all digital courses!


“I absolutely loved working with Jess! She always started off our sessions with ‘How can I serve you today?’ which always made me feel special and allowed me the time and space to figure out what I really needed that day! She always had this way of asking the right questions so I could understand and trust myself better, which really built the strength I needed for my intuition. I have a clearer path and have emotionally connected more with my goals, and I have Jess to thank for that! She has a true gift for this.”


“Jess Blanche is a goddess. Every time I talk to her I feel motivated, supported, and empowered.”